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Title: This show is getting exciting
Post by: Sheryl on September 09, 2009, 09:22:54 PM
I watched last Friday's, Tuesday's and today's show this afternoon and thought they all were pretty good. Today's was definitely exciting.
Is Olivia going to tell Sonny that's his son in the hospital?
Is Chistian alive?
How about Johnny? Gosh I hope he's not dead.
Today's show was great. It had me on the edge of my seat and in tears. I didn't want it to end.
Title: Re: This show is getting exciting
Post by: Bubu on September 10, 2009, 08:33:19 AM
   I hope Johnny lives and Max.  How ironic was it that the mayors wife got killed by Edward's car when it was her fault for poisoning edward's drink in the first place? Talk about poetic justice in her case but not all the other poor innocent people.
I think Christina will be alive. I thought at first that Claudia was faking her concern and was actually trying to hurt Christina but at the end I thought she really was concerned.  I kind of wish she were the one that was killed, I really don't like her character at all.  I felt for Olivia, being torn becaue her son was critically injured but not being able to react normally because she would put him in danger. I hope he doesn't die either. I like his character,although I hope he is a lousy cop and got his training in Salem since I don't want Sonny or Jason to end up in jail.
Title: Re: This show is getting exciting
Post by: Princessrose on September 10, 2009, 09:20:39 AM
When I saw the tail end of the show and saw the machine guns and Spinelli in the midst my heart was racing, when Dominic, oh excuse me Dante was injured my stomach did flip flops, you all know the outcome, Sonny will find out he's his father and Dante will have a change of heart.  But...when Johnny was shot and collasped, I nearly did too.  I don't think that Kristina is dead or injured, but again that would be poetic justice along with Andrea for she is the one who initially caused this horrific chain of events.  She had the meds in her purse the whole time so everyone will know she tried to kill Edward, I only had wished she had lived to go to jail, I hated to see her die.  The show was exciting, and all the repercussions to affect so many in Port Charles will be unbelieveable.
Title: Re: This show is getting exciting
Post by: Sheryl on September 10, 2009, 09:37:12 AM
Yes, that was poetic justice for the mayor's wife. It serves her right for drugging Edward and killing the mayor's mistress. I just hope they can still prove all this.
I would imagine they'll find the drug she used in Edward's drink in her purse and hopefully Robin will want to do a drug test on Edward or run some blood test to try and figure out why he had the heart attack.
I hope they can put everything together.
There are times when I like Claudia. I think at times she can be decent like yesterday. I too thought at first she didn't care what happened to Christiana but when she was looking for her, I think it was out of general concern.