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Title: DWTS 9-22-09
Post by: Sheryl on September 23, 2009, 06:54:34 PM
I didn't think last night's show was much better then the boys night. Most of the girls were terrible.
I forget the person's name with Derrick but she was pretty good and Kelly Osborn was good. The rest were horrible.
This is going to be a long season.
Title: Re: DWTS 9-22-09
Post by: Bubu on September 24, 2009, 10:04:56 AM
Delay should have gone not Ashley Hamilton but they got it right on the women. ALthough I liked Macy, she has such a sweet personality but I don't think she would improve much on her dancing
Kelly surprisedme, she is good.  OMG she was so funny ion the rehearsals about being fat all her life because she hates to sweat! LOL that is me!! I  luckily wasn't always fat since my metabolism was good when I was younger but the years have not been kind to me and it caught up with me. I had to laugh when they were practicing the dance and she calls out "sweating".   
I wasn't supposed to watch this but I can't seem to stay away. But I am going to make the effort next week because I really can't enjoy myself until a certain creep is off the show and I have too many shows to watch now anyway. Maybe when it gets down  to final 6  I'll pick it up again unless the creep by somemiracle is still there.   ( I won't say who the creep is though)
Title: Re: DWTS 9-22-09
Post by: Sheryl on September 24, 2009, 12:07:01 PM
I think America got it right with who they sent home last night. I thought Ashley was by far the worst of the men.
I don't think Delay was that bad. He actually has some rhythm and was a lot more flexible then most of the men and the women.
I can't believe how stiff most of them were.
I'm not at all impressed with this year's line up or the talent so I'm not sure if I'll stick it out. I'm going to try though since I love to watch the professionals dance.
And I loved that tribute to Patrick Swayze.