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Re: Let's talk Days
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I am new here today as I just now registered.   I love EJ and Sami together......I find myself fast forwarding when EJ is not on....Rafe doesn't look good with Sami...I hope they connect EJ and Sami back very soon...I can't believe they would send off Marlena and John with Sami still in the protection.  A mother leaving her daughter like that, I don't think so.  Once the old John comes back then I will really be ticked that they wrote them off AGAIN..  Bo and Hope are just there, they use them for no storylines and I think they are trying to put them as the couple everyone goes too like Mrs Horton and Tom.  I think Doug and Julie should take over as the new leaders of the family and John and Marlena as leaders of the families.  Did that make any sense?  Well happy to be here and hope I don't forget to check in every day.  I am a Senior and probably the oldest one on this stie.  Almost 73.  Is anyone close to that age or older?  Let me know.