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This group was set up with one primary goal. To give people a place where they could speak freely about a Soap Opera with fictitious characters, as long as they first follow a few simple rules. The first being, treat everyone with respect.
Trouble makers are not allowed.

We�re all entitled to our opinions so we need to respect each other�s comments. Administrators will delete threads we feel violate this rule or related messages pertaining to an inappropriate response without giving an explanation .

Please keep in mind when a person talks about a character, they're not talking about the person playing the part but a character created for the show and one who too has rules to follow, such as what to say, what to do, how to wear their hair or what clothes to use.  Therefore comments such as this character is wearing an ugly outfit and all they do is hop in bed or whine, are acceptable, however, comments that have to do with a person�s physical appearance are not. Again, comments we feel are inappropriate will be deleted.

Please do not post in all caps. It's considered yelling and not appropriate.

Harassing people or being disrespectful to fellow members is not tolerated.

Be careful about posting or uploading copyright information. If you don't own something and didn't get permission to use something, "DO NOT" post it in this forum or it will be deleted. Remember, many graphics are copyright.

You may copy and paste screencaps from my screencap site into this site but if  you'd like to use them some place else, please first ask me for permission and then give me credit with a link back to this site, not the screencap site.

When setting up a signature, please do not include videos, banners that advertise another site, or large animated banners. Some signatures may be subject to approval.
Remember your signature is basically to let people know who you are.

Please do not use this forum for advertising. If you join this group and immediately start posting links to other sites, it will be considered spam.
The message will be deleted along with your membership.

Nudity of any sort is not allowed. Please remember this when setting up your profile or using an avatar.

The administration will delete threads we find to be too offensive with no explanation given or cancel memberships if we feel you're not following our rules. If we have to cancel your membership, we will try and first warn you and explain why.

Spoilers should be posted on the spoiler board. If you need to post a spoiler on the Days message board, please alert the members and either hide your text using a white font, or say you're posting a spoiler and then leave several blank lines before posting the information so it won't jump out at those who don't want to read it.
Spoilers are anything that hasn't been seen by the people in the US. People coming and going is also considered a spoiler so until the show actually says a character is leaving, don't talk about it on the Days board.

Thanks for taking the time to read our rules.

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