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I'm here. Now what? Help?
« on: January 18, 2009, 06:44:55 PM »
For those of you who are confused about how to use this Forum, I've tried to write a tutorial with step by step instructions on what to do once you reach this site.

Your first step is to Login, if you didn't pick the "stay logged in forever" option when you first signed in.
If you're a new member, you will need to register first

Once you've signed in, you need to click the word "Forum" in the navigation taskbar to take you to the message boards.

You'll notice under your name a news flash. This is where you'll find information I feel is important to the group.

Next you'll see the top navigation bar.

Home- takes you to the homepage.
Forum- takes you to the message boards.
Help- takes you to a very extensive help area on using this site.
Pages- Right now it's a work in progress.
Search- You can enter a word and search this site for messages pertaining to your search word.
Profile- This is where you can change your profile information which includes making changes to how you use this site.
My Messages- If you see a number next to My Messages, someone has sent you a private message. Click it to read it and or reply to sender.
Calendar- A monthly calendar
Members- Find members in this group
Links- Links to various sites.
Gallery- This is for photos, but most probably won't be used.
Logout- If you don't want to stay logged in any more, just log out.

Now onto the Categories where you'll find the various message boards.

I have set this site into 3 categories.
The first Category is "Helpful Information." That's where you found the message board for "Tutorials/I Need Help" and this tutorial which you're reading.

The second Category is called "General" and lists various message boards for talking about Days, plus a General board where you can talk about anything.
The General board is basically for Off Topic conversation.

The third Category, which isn't visible in my screenshot is called "This & That."
You'll find separate boards for different soap operas and other off topic discussions that I felt needed a board of it's own.

If seeing all these boards gets confusing to you and you know you only want to concentrate on one Category, such as the General Category, you can collapse the other categories by clicking the - minus sign to the left of the Category heading.
This changes the minus sign to a + sign. If you want to see the boards again, just click the plus sign and they'll be back.

So now let's say we want to read the messages pertaining to Days in General.
You click on the message board, "Days of our Lives."

This will show you a list of all the subjects that have been started.
Above the Subjects you'll see Pages: [1] 2 3, at this present time. This means there's 3 pages with different subjects. As the site grows, obviously the page numbers will too.

Above the page count you'll see > Forum > General > Days of our Lives.
This is showing you that you're reading the Days of our Lives board, under the General category, in this forum.

Once you've read a message, if you don't want to reply but want to still read more messages on this board, click Days of our Lives. I put a red box around it in the above visual.

If you want to reply, there's two ways to do this.
The quickest way is to just start typing in the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the screen, under the message you're reading.

Just start typing in the blank box. If you want to do something fancy with your text, you'll need to use the BBCs above the message box.
There's a separate tutorial explaining how to use some of the BBCs in another tutorial called "Understanding the Taskbar 1 and 2.
In the help section of this site, you'll find a list of all the BBCs and what they mean.

The Quick Reply box lets you insert images using the img code. It also lets you change your fonts, add smileys and preview your post before hitting Post.
Once you hit post, depending on how you set up your options for reading messages, the screen will either go back to all messages on this board or it will go back to the open message with your message now appearing at the bottom.
If you want to be notified of any replies to this topic, you'll need to click the Notify button which you'll see in the next screenshot.
There are a few more options that you'll get if you click reply rather then use the quick reply.

We'll go into that next.

You'll find the reply button at the bottom of a message on the right hand side.
Next to reply it says Notify. Click this if you want to receive an e-mail when someone replies to this message.
You'll have to come to the site to read it and reply.
There's also a button for starting a poll, sending the topic, and printing the page.
Underneath this row of buttons, you'll see "Jump To" and a drop down list of places you can go.
You'll need to click the drop down arrow to get the list of where you can go.
You can only jump to a board under a category. I underlined a few of the boards in red.
If you click a category, it will take you back to the main Forum page with all 3 categories.

Now that you've clicked "Reply,"

just type your message like I explained in the quick reply instructions.

If you want more options, click the "Additional Options" drop down list.

You can click if you want to be notified of replies to this topic, if you want to return to the topic (some of you may have this checked already since you can set it as your default), or don't use smileys.

You can also attach a file from your computer by clicking the Browse button.

The Add image to post is visible without expanding the additional options.
If you click add image to post, you can search your computer for a picture and upload it using the site. will generate the codes needed to include a picture and drop them into your message box.

Once you've decided you're done with your message, you can either preview it first or post it.

So there you have it. You now know how to read messages and post replies.

If you want to start a new topic, click a board under one of the Categories and then click "New Topic" which you'll find to the right of the screen in a taskbar above the Last Post information.

You'll get a message box similar to the one you get when you click reply to a topic.

I hope this helps some of you.
If you have any questions about this tutorial, just ask.

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