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Week of Jan 26 SNS
« on: January 20, 2009, 09:07:01 PM »
Posted By ILuvToShop at Soap News and Scoops:

Monday, January 26th
Sister Theresa helps Nicole keep out of Sami's sight; the killer tortures Rafe, who refuses to give up Sami's location; Abe tells Bo he needs to do a better job of catching the mayor's killer; Bo has an unsettling vision.

Tuesday, January 27th
Sami and Mia go into labor at the same time; Rafe keeps leading the killer on; Daniel runs into Chloe at the pub; Chloe, Lucas, Johnny and Allie have a food fight; Philip and Stephanie play pool.

Wednesday, January 28th
Sami has a difficult delivery; Mia decides to go through with the adoption; the killer threatens to hurt Sami's children if Rafe doesn't reveal her location; Max tells Philip to stay away from his sister.

Thursday, January 29th
Chloe tells Daniel that they need to talk; Kate worries that Daniel isn't taking their breakup well; Sami is worried about her baby; Rafe pursues the killer.

Friday, January 30th
Nicole tells Dr. Baker that she wants to switch Mia's and Sami's babies; Maggie discovers the killer on the pier; Rafe tries to warn Sami; Kayla thinks the killer looks familiar.