Author Topic: It pays to complain  (Read 846 times)


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It pays to complain
« on: July 07, 2012, 04:11:41 PM »
I went to Sears the other day because I needed to have a couple keys made. The key machine is at the service desk at the front of the store. There were two ladies in the service desk area, one was taking care of a customer at the register and the other one asked if she could help me.
I told her I needed some keys made. Apparently that was her first day and she didn't know how to make keys so I'd have to wait for the clerk taking care of a customer.
That's fine. I understand.
I was standing there for quite some time because the customer had a return and was also turning in a used car battery and the clerk wasn't sure how to credit the guy. (She's going to make a great instructor)
She had to call someone so while they waited for someone to come help, the customer decided he'd go pick up something he needed in the store.
I figured the clerk would come help the new girl with my keys but two people had formed a line behind  the customer with the returns so the clerk started ringing up the next person.
At this point, I lost my patience since I'd been standing there a good 5-10 mins so I spoke up and said, "Shouldn't I have been next?"
Well the trainer finished ringing out the customer and then finally showed the trainee how to make my keys and went back to ringing out another customer.

So now I've got my keys made and have to go to the trainer's register to get checked out. Fortunately no one else had gotten in line.
The first thing the trainer (clerk) says to me is, "Are you having a better day now?" I just smiled.
She rings me out, hands me my sales slip and says if I take an on line survey about my experience shopping at Sears, I have a chance to win $4,000. I thought to myself, lady, you don't really want me to take that survey do you, but I most certainly will, not for the chance to win $4,000 but for the chance to tell them how unhappy I was with the service I received.
So I go home, take the survey and the next day I get a call from the store manager asking me how they can make up for my poor service.
He asked if he could send me a $25 gift certificate and apologized for the clerk over looking me. He agreed that she should have taken care of me before waiting on the next person in line.
I actually hesitated about saying anything when I was in the store because I've let people get ahead of me if they have less items then I do but I figured I'd been standing there for a long time and the other customers could wait too.
So I guess it turned out to be a good day after all, lol.