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Day by Day SPOILERS for Week of February 23 + more update-2-16
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Monday, February 23rd
Philip realizes that Brady and Nicole are keeping something from E.J.
E.J. breaks up a fight between Melanie and Stephanie
Stephanie ends things with Philip
after the explosion, Chloe finds Lucas not breathing.

Tuesday, February 24th
Chloe tells Daniel that she can never be with him again
Philip threatens to expose Nicole's secret
Hope and Bo remain at an impasse.

Wednesday, February 25th
Nicole runs into Sami
Philip and Kate share a tender moment
Philip asks Stephanie for another chance
Chloe and Daniel share a farewell kiss.

Thursday, February 26th
Sami becomes emotional when she meets Sydney
Nicole threatens to leave E.J.
Kate tells Chloe they need to talk
Daniel is profoundly affected by his breakup with Chloe
Victor and Philip have a heart to heart.

Friday, February 27th
Sami goes to the hospital to visit Lucas
Victor gives Philip advice about Stephanie
Kate wants to gets revenge
E.J. destroys the formula
Hope tells Bo she misses him and wants to come home.

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For the week of February 23rd:

---After catching Nicole and Brady in a somewhat compromising position, Philip blackmailed her into convincing EJ to give up the fuel project. By using her insecurity over Sami, Nicole succeeded, barely.

---Sami reluctantly left Rafe, and baby Grace, at the convent. When she went to see Johnny, she ran into EJ, who clearly still has feelings for her. Then she saw Lucas, who asked about her baby. Sami lied (again) and said her baby was stillborn.

---And in a surprising move, Will returned to Salem. Thankfully, he didn't hear his father blame his mother for his drinking problem because she kept Will from him. Or did he.....

---Chloe made a pact with God. If Lucas survived, she would stay with him. Lucas made it through the explosion and she kept her promise. She told Daniel they were over, for good.

---Lucas filled Kate in on his break-up with Chloe. She told him not to give up on love, but she changed her tune after she witnessed Chloe and Daniel's goodbye kiss. She went to tell Lucas (who'd forgotten being told about the affair), but kept her silence when his blood-pressure spiked. How long will she be able to hold her silence.....

---After she broke up with Philip, Stephanie found a shoulder to cry on in Brady. Philip wanted her back, but she continued playing hard to get. Victor's advice for Philip? HE should be the one playing hard to get. He tried it, but will it work?

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Canadian TV Guide Spoilers for the week of Feb 23rd

Philip confronts Nicole about her involvement with Brady; Stephanie breaks up with Philip; Chloe tries to bring Lucas back to life.

Chloe tells Daniel that their relationship is over; Nicole tells EJ that she won't marry him; Sami is torn over leaving baby Grace at the convent.

Sami notices tension between EJ and Nicole; Philip asks Stephanie to come back to him; Kate finds out about Daniel and Chloe's affair.

Sami has an emotional reaction when she meets Sydney; Kate decides not to tell Lucus about Chloe's affair; Philip and Victor have a heart to heart.

Sami lies and tells Lucus her baby was stillborn; Kate and Victor get revenge against Chloe; Hope tells Bo she wants him to come home.
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