Author Topic: New Spoilers for Katherine/Esther/Kevin  (Read 1024 times)


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New Spoilers for Katherine/Esther/Kevin
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According to SID, Clint makes Esther write a letter to Chloe explaining she went on a honeymoon which makes Chloe feel that her mother is abandoning her. When Roger and Clint leave, Kay and Esther try to make an escape until Roger comes and grabs Katherine and holds a knife to Katherines throat. When its revealed Esther got half the estate and not cash, Clint makes Esther deliever a ransom note to Jill saying to buy half of her estate and Jill doesn't believe it. So there really is no use for Katherine or Esther.  They then decide to get rid of them by using Kevin, who goes to the motel room because he remembered the coat on the chair belonged to Katherine. He gets knocked out when Annie sneaks up behind him injecting him with a sedative. Clint gets the idea to use Kevin and frame him for the bomb ticking away since he has a past being an arsonist, they dump Kevins body in the trunk of a car.
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Re: New Spoilers for Katherine/Esther/Kevin
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I am so ready for this storyline to be done and over with.


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Re: New Spoilers for Katherine/Esther/Kevin
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I want Katherine to get home and find out for sure that Jill was never her daughter and then kick her out of the house!!! :awesome
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