Author Topic: Hope?!?  (Read 46 times)


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« on: January 08, 2019, 05:23:03 PM »
Well, if anyone thought that Hope’s behavior has been good and/or normal, I do believe her actions today should certainly change those minds.  Good grief!  She made me wonder how long it’ll be before she ends up in Bayview.  Also, do y’all believe that Ted will really go along with her ridiculous plan?  There’s so many holes in it...


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Re: Hope?!?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 07:44:47 AM »
I think Hope should be kicked out of the police force. She is carrying things too far and is becoming no better than a Damara with her obsession and being willing to do anything to get Ben. She is using her own Commissioner job on the force to do just that.


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Re: Hope?!?
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2019, 08:23:56 PM »
I missed last Monday's show but couldn't believe it today when I saw Ted was representing Stefan. It made no sense that Stefan would even want him as his lawyer. I'm kind of glad Stefan's charges were dropped. Only because Hope couldn't put Ben in jail. She really does need to stop obsessing over Ben.