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« on: June 11, 2019, 06:48:02 AM »

will try to use the fire situation to get rid of Ben, but hopefully Rafe will do some digging and discover the truth. The Salem PD has never been know to be very bright when it comes to uncovering the truth. Thank God Ben had the smarts to pick up the lighter with a handkerchief so the only fingerprints that will be on it will be Clair's. I'm glad that Ben is staying in therapy with Marlena, mentioning the music under hypnosis and Marlena hearing that ringtone of Clair's will help him a lot because now even Marlena suspects Clair may be a little off. I hope this all backfires on Eve. Perhaps Jack may even get his memory back and help uncover the truth. Either that or I wish he would get a pang of conscience and tell the truth that Eve is trying to set Ben up.

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Re: Eve..
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I hope someone realizes Ben's fingerprints aren't on the lighter and then makes sure someone besides Eve knows that other wise she'll probably change some report and say the only fingerprints were Ben's. I wonder if they'll check for fingerprints on the kerosene can. Claire's fingerprints should be on that too.
And I'm so glad Marlena heard Claire's ringtone and can vouch for the fact that Ben heard it when Ciara was in the burning cabin.
This setting up Ben really needs to backfire on both Eve and Claire.


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Re: Eve..
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I thought of the lighter too.  Ben did pick it up with a cloth, smart thinking on his part as he figured out it was Claire all the long.  So many whole's in this story.  Even though Rory was scared when Ben threatened him, he is the one who saw Claire,(did she forget that?) and gave her the passports so Rory knew she was heading to the Horton Cabin.  And Tripp now is suspicious too.  After all, Ben is happy with Ciara, so what purpose did Ben have on hurting him and Haley.  I hope this all backfires on Eve and Claire, the only thing Eve is thinking about is herself.  Too bad that her conversation with Ben isn't on tape somewhere.

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